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Having looked at the signs in dundee, and how they relate to user activity, I took several photos of the studio, merging them together. I wanted to create an image which displayed how an individual would use the studio in their own unique way, starting with the rough version of my desk above. The areas which I use the most [the sketchbook and models] are largest and most saturated, the two methods I am using to display frequency of use. I moved this on to the pdfs linked above, of myself and two classmates, expanding from the desk to the studio, using the liquify tool in photoshop to increase or decrease the size of an item in relation to its frequency of use. I then also played a background track of what that person listens to the most while working, trying to provide an atmospheric attitude to how they interprete their personal space.


Dundee group project

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As a group in Dundee, we documented the location and direction of roadsigns within the city area we were studying. This we took along with the nature of the signs [cultural, serivce, parking/noparking. education and city exits] and tried to express the way users interprete the directional nature of these signs, as very few of them pointed as the crow flies, towards their destination.

The evolution of technology by Scholz&Friends

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Wi-Fi mapping

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GPS route map

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Portsmouth map

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Wish you were here

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